Petal Pillow from "COME TOGETHER KIDS"

Here is another flower pillow....

I love flowers. Every kind of flowers. This one is my best. I love it. LOVE it !!

The idea is of Come Together Kids. Please visit her blog for this pillow.

V and Co how to: shag pillow

V and Co how to: shag pillow

A wonderfull pillow from V and Co. Love it :)))

Please visit her blog for the rest of the tutorial and her other awesome ideas.


çuval bezinden çiçek yapılışı ( Burlap Flowers from Positively Splendid )

Bu sitede (Positively Splendid ) çuval bezinden çiçek yapılışı anlatılmış.

I've seen number of burlap made items in number of blogs and here is a very special one. The flowers made from burlap

The complete tutorial is in "Positively Splendid " . Please visit this wonderfull blog for the complete tutorial.

Geri Dönüşüm (=Recycle From Craft Passion)

Geri Dönüşüm projeleri beni hep heyecanlandırır. Buradaki çantalara bayıldım. There is more in paneamoreecreativita .

Bu sitede ( www.craftpassion.com ) de eskiyen T-shirtleri ip yapma yöntemi anlatılmış. Eskimiş tshirtleri ip yapalım. Sonra da çanta örelim....

The whole tutorial is in Craft Passion

bottle cap candles from craftaholicsanonymous

I love recycled items. It makes me very happy when someone makes a beauty out of a garbage.

Here is a very cute one from Craftaholics Anonymous.

We used to play bottle caps in the streets in old times. I once had a very good number of them.
Thank you Craftaholics Anonymous for this finding.


Keyboard Cat From Instructables

Keyboard Cat From Instructables

You can found the complete tutorial from here.

Very cute cat indeed :)


Fabric Lotus Flower Tutorial From Create and Delegate

I love flowers myself.

And here is a lovely tutorial from Create and Delegate.



Make-up Magnet Board from Laura Thoughts

Make-up Magnet Board from Laura Thoughts

I found this clever idea from Laura Thoughts. This is a very good idea for storing all the make-up items.
Thank you for this wonderful idea.

A wonderfull pillow that I want to share with you from burlap +blue.
The complete tutorial can be seen from her blog here .